Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I love shoes!!!!!

So far I have 20 pairs of boots and more than 60 pairs of shoes
I'm not proud of that... but I can't help myself


my excuse: most cost less than 35 dlls, I'm single, I work hard and one of my dreams has always been to have a large closet ... so when that happens I already have everything that fill :)

I made a promise not to buy any shoe until 2011 (the gifts are another story ha ha)
but to keep my taste in shoes, I decided to decorate the boxes, that will keep me busy and excited with all the beautiful shoes I already have.


  1. Wow, so cool!!
    Can you make one for me!! actually, not for me, for Amelia!! that would be so cool, to have it as a keep sake!

  2. jajaja... Que buenos tus comentarios. Te felicito por el blog y permiteme seguirlo ya que lo encontré...
    Un abrazote y un beso... Sigue viviendo FELIZ

  3. yeiiiiiiiiiii ustedes son las mejores fans!!!!!!!

    cuenta con eso iveth!!! Amelia tendra su caja!!!
    asi le podras contar historias de su tia la que vivia entre cajas!!!
    je,je,je,je,je... :)

    muchos saludos a toda la Fam Farias :) y ahora Farias-Morales ;)