Friday, March 12, 2010


 I lov this mini kitchen :)

in the past 2 years I discovered in me a passion for cooking 
I think it was because I fell in love .. Love changes everything 
because I really hate the kitchen of my house :( is small, colorless, without ambition, but I can't change much ( is a lease) 
hopefully one day I can have a kitchen that makes me not want to be in another room .... 
no matter how small can be!!!!!!  
when I saw this picture, I feel sooo happy  
the colors and even the small space is great :)  
also find that these are my favorite colors for the entire 2010 :)

Spring is here .. at least for me

Monday, March 8, 2010

penpal project

I fell in love with the penpal project!
I love the idea of sharing letters with someone who does not judge me
someone who just wants to express themselves and share ideas, dreams and disappointments of every day.
Today I received my first letter from traci .. I felt so happy
and suddenly I remembered that I also have many dreams to share
I felt an urge to clarify my ideas and bring them out
I really wanted to find the most beautiful paper to write immediately to traci but had nothing very interesting, so I decided to draw something to help me :)

this drawing come out and I like so much that I decided to use as a logo in all my letters
I can't wait to send out my first letter :)