Thursday, January 28, 2010


keepsake boxes "yoga"
$9.99 - $14.99

all you need is love

I can't help myself... I want to marry like everyone else :)
but my lovely boyfriend (aka grumpy) :) is not ready yet
I love him and I'll wait.. meanwhile I have to keep my mind busy :)

the thing is I have all this ideas for my own wedding and isn't going to happen anytime soon
so I decided to try to keep some ideas and have fun :)
I'm doing a series of boxes for brides (can be customized)
This keepsake boxes are for sale
Already made $ 25.00 dlls
Personalized $ 40.00 dlls

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I love shoes!!!!!

So far I have 20 pairs of boots and more than 60 pairs of shoes
I'm not proud of that... but I can't help myself


my excuse: most cost less than 35 dlls, I'm single, I work hard and one of my dreams has always been to have a large closet ... so when that happens I already have everything that fill :)

I made a promise not to buy any shoe until 2011 (the gifts are another story ha ha)
but to keep my taste in shoes, I decided to decorate the boxes, that will keep me busy and excited with all the beautiful shoes I already have.

happily ever after!

few years ago my sister "D" met the guy of her dreams
(I like to think she dream a lot at that time)
So one day in the circus and with the help of a clown
the charming prince ask her.... will you marry me??
of course she said "yes"
and she was happy
(for a few months)

busy with the dress, the church, the flowers and all that stuff
she don't have more time to dream!!!

long story... short
the wedding has been canceled

the good thing : she keep the beautiful dress and her dreams... :)
and she really is happily ever after!!!

Pd. this keepsake box was my first gift for her wedding
the bad thing is she can't use the box again because is personalized
with the clown.. I mean the charming prince

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

a =

My name is Alejandra. (and I love it)

My sister’s name is Alejandra too.

I was born in Monterrey, Mexico. (33 years ago)

I’ve also lived in San Antonio, Houston, London, Paris and Dallas.

London is my favorite city to live in.

I love walk to everywhere (but I own a car)

I have to live in the city.

I like to make things.

I have like a 1000 ideas running in my mind (at the same time :(

I love paint and dream

I like to sleep

I watch a lot of movies (I prefer the ones make me cry)

I don't drink coffee but I love expresso with ice (from spain)

My favorite drink is ron with pineapple juice

I also like to read

I haven't read much lately

I like to make pretty things

I like to wear pretty things

I have over 80 pairs of shoes

Some of them cost lest than 10 dlls

I love found vintage things and give a new chance in my world

hope that make me a lil green

I have more than 20 best friends

and I know a lot of really good people

I'm sooooooo in love with a grumpy guy from panama

I love dance samba