Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Happy Bday Julieta!!!

the first friend I had when I moved to Dallas was julieta, is an excellent person and very good friend
we are completely different, although we share some tastes by coincidence, accident or conviction.
We met at my 29th birthday, 4 years ago.....Yesterday was her birthday and wanted to buy a giftcard for a spa, but my budget dosen't help me: (
So I bought her a bottle of red wine and made a card with the best wishes that I have for her :)


  1. Good friends are like fine wine, they just keep getting better with age.
    Thanks for your kind comment.

  2. Dear Ale,
    I saw your comment on the penpal post at indifixx and I'd love to talk to you about writing some letters! Send me an email if you're interested: tjhans8(at)yahoo(dot)com