Monday, July 26, 2010

Happy Bday Tatum

My little Tatum is 1 year old!!!!! 

I want a gift really special, something just for her!!
(I know everybody will bring toys and cloths)
So I went to IKEA and buy this table + chair ... thinking that I would draw something easy :) at the end took more time than I expected :) but I had so much fun!!

Tatum is very small even to use the table + chair but I know ..... when I least expect it, She'll will be using the chair to climb the sofa :)

Houston we have a problem!!!! :) :)

I hope she love it... because I did that with all my heart!!!!!


  1. Esta super bonita Miñi!! me encanto :) Que ragalo mas especial, a Tatum le va a encantarr! definitivamente te estas viendo lenta, ya ponte a vender todas estas cosillas que haces!

  2. hi alexandra....

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